The List pt.1


Happy Storytelling Thursday! So, I decided to write a six part list series (posted twice a month), each list has a different character with their own issues and each dealing with a list-list of life. The first list is about a little girl getting ready for her first trip across a river. 

The List-Bethany

I’m going a trip across the world! What do I pack? Um….my little pony, Tigger and pooh, and oh Mr. Monkey too. Wishing there will be candy, boat rides, and swimming!

Mr. Man, on this trip, can take my favorite top?

Yes, Bethany, yes you can.

Yay! Oh, I’m going to bring the flower swimsuit Nana bought me last year and I’m going to pack my mom.

You can’t pack your mom, Bethany

Oh right, hahaha….so can I pack my dad?


My brother?


But why?

I’ll stop right there. Thank you for visiting my page and please comment on why you think Bethany can bring her dad, but not her mom on this trip.


Happy Storytelling Thursday!

A Toast!


Hello today is the last Thursday and last day of March! It’s also the last Storytelling Thursday of March, today’s short-short story focuses on a friendship between two women who’ve known each other and have faced many obstacles that friends experience. Enjoy!

A Toast

What can I say about Juno?

We’ve known each other for years, 24 to be exact.

Been attached the hip since 1st grade.So close we sometimes fell for the same or twice in Junior high. So close, some might say even closer than sisters. How close?

She has half of my liver on account of her body wanting a piece of me. And when I found out at 18 I’d never be able to have a child. She reserved a room in the womb for me:

Bobbi, my womb like everything else belongs to you.

So… On this wonderful occasion, I give a toast to you Juno. May you live a happy and healthy life as Mrs. Brian-Wu.

But remember, I came first.


I hope you enjoyed this edition of Storytelling Thursday! Let me know if there are any story ideas or themes you would like me to write about. Thank you and have a great Thursday!