2018 The Year Of Graphic Novels and Anthology


Last year, I decided that I’d change my reading palette and explore uncharted territory. I read and review family-based books, wrote poetry, and read some too. As a self-proclaimed anti of poetry, unless it has the name Tupac or Maya Angelou attached to it, I made a promise to myself that I would try and read poetry, explore writers, essayists, and poets to get to “know” this unfamiliar place. It worked! Poetry like all forms of literature allows the reader to tap into an emotion that was hidden in them–which makes literature, specifically, poetry something to be cherished. 


5 Female Characters That Inspire Me

Introduction, Woman of The Week

What’s the trick to writing a great female character? ⊆Make Her Human⊇  -Nicole Holocenter.

I’ve realized whether, in movies, books, or art in general, more than men, women are usually characterized? As objects of a man’s affection and if they’re not, usually they fade into the background. But it’s starting to change and it’s about time!!!