Embracing Love and Found Family in "Love After Five"

Love comes when you least expect it

Love after Five
Story/Design by Sojunights

Tul didn’t expect to find himself the father of a five year old girl, but his sister and her husband died in a car accident leaving him to be the sole guardian of his niece Bright. While struggling to make sense of his new life he catches the eye of the elementary school administrator Max, who is trying to figure out if he should keep a secret from his family or not.

Love After Five is a 29 part Fan Fiction published on Wattpad by author SojuNights. The story is a part of a bigger story from a Thai Series called Together With Me (Parent Story: Bad Romance The Series). Love After Five, written by sojunights is one of those who’ve been written. The story is #3 of 90 stories and #BLFanFiction in the top BL’s published on Wattpad, the content deals with gay marriage, adoption, found family, coming out, and love. Now, Together With Me is a Boys Love story that follows best friends Korn and Knock who have a one night stand, try and figure out what they are or mean to each other and ultimately fall in love. There’s also a Season 2 which focuses on their relationship and entering the real world and working through their relationship. The main lead actors Max (Korn) and Tul(Knock), have given fan so much fan service and love that many Fan Fictions and Videos have been created. This leads us to Love After Five, a story that utilizes the characters and creates a story of its own.

Thoughts on Love After Five

I genuinely enjoyed this book and its characters. I’m not a romance novel reader, but I do enjoy romance with a side of found family and that’s what this story was. It showed various ways to love a person.

Max and Tul first meet after Tul loses his only family, his sister and her husband in a flood and he become a defacto parent to his young niece Bright. Max is the school administer at Bright’s new school and he’s more than willing to help Tul, a man who looks and is lost. Having to dealing with grief and then receiving help from Max and watching their love for each other and Bright blossom was a beautiful thing. Tul has always been a loner, someone who shy away and seeing him taking the initiative to care for his niece and then slowly opening up to being a lover for Max and father for Bright was great. He is someone who seemed to second guess his every decision and Max is as impulsive as they come. I think that’s what made their relationship work. They were both searching for someone and complemented each other. Tul is someone who is quiet, he doesn’t have that many friends or family and works as an Accountant. Max is someone who is sociable, interacts with children and adults daily, has a hugh family, and is easy going. The way the story is written you’d think Max is the hero, the savior to Tul and Bright. You would be correct because he’s someone who came in their life when things seemed lost. Bright and Tul’s life were turned upside down. Bright was being bullied at school and was also afraid to lose the only family she had left. Tul, needed to become more open and a parent, he didn’t have time to grieve and Max became his support. That’s the story we’ve been left to believe but if you look closely, Max is lost as well, he is surrounded by noise(and love), but he wasn’t truthful about who he is or loves, until he met Tul and Bright. They were his breathe of fresh air. If Max is Tul’s hope, then Tul is Max’s calm stability and Bright, well, she’s the glue that keeps them together. That’s what I enjoyed about this story, everyone needed and loved each other. That and the active communication and possibly the sexy time.

What I loved: I love the subtle and realistic conflicts i.e fitting in, acceptance from family, potentially losing Bright. The way the author wrote it was beautiful. Having Tul and Max as a support for Bright who was being bullied. Dealing with Max coming out to his family and the potential repercussion but then the automatic acceptance. Even meeting Bright’s paternal grandparents and how Max took the initiative and just the way it was communicated was well written. The communication in every chapter was realistic. Bright communications and thoughts were of a five year old. I love that you could tell it was a child and not an adult pretending she’s a child.

Characters who should receive a kick in the knee: Jumo, I know she’s five but making fun of a child for losing their parents is horrible, I’m glad her father spoke to both her and her mom (she deserves a kick as well). James, paternal grandfather who continued to call her “the Child” and does not believe “the gays” can raise a child.

Note From The Author

I wanted to make a fic that makes people feel warm and fuzzy. Then I wanted to write a fic that makes people anxious (unspoken- in progress) then I wanted to write a fic that made people shake their heads (the daily grind – ip) and I have another one to make people cry (soon 😈).

Fact about the Sojunights on WattPad

Sojunights, other stories include The Daily Grind and Unspoken which focus on Boys Love, friendship and family and her fanfictions are also number 1 on the Grindr tag.

Rate: 5/5

I would recommend this story because it is relatable, includes health relationships and communication, and it’s a story about three people finding their way to each other.

Check out Love After Five and other Sojunight stories here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/sojunights

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