Book in Review: Keys and Needles, Worldslips Book 1

Book Review

Tania was just another coddled teenager until the Slip changed everything.

When supernatural forces invaded our world, she found herself with unbelievable abilities that left her ostracized, hated, and Marked. Years later, living on the fringes of society, Tania and her exiled elf roommate Logan are happy to be left alone. But her foreboding dreams have other plans….[Keys and Needles is the first installment in a dystopian urban fantasy series that asks how things would change if the world of folklore collided with ours. If you like snappy dialogue and fast-paced plots, then you’ll love Nickolaisen’s intriguing world.] via Amazon

Author:┬áMichelle Nickolaisen, is a freelance writer.Nickolaisen published her first book in 2013, “Rock the System: Using Systems to Grow Your Business With Less Pain + More Fun” and she’s written for┬áMediaBistro, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Created an educational video for Learnable. Check Nickolaisen out

Interesting Tidbit: The author and I are in the slack group and she sent this copy to me, super excited 1. Never reviewed an audiobook & 2. I’m grateful that the author sent me a copy.

Interesting Tidbit: This is an audiobook via Amazon/Audioable: You can read a teaser/sample of the book at Worldslip as well as, subscribe for more information.

Note: Will not write the First Impression because it’s a 5-hour audiobook, I just wanted to introduce it. Please look forward to my review.

In my review: My thoughts on the book and characters and my overall critique and rating of the book




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