Arundhati Roy: Words Left Unsaid

Author Spotlight

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Author Arundhati Roy is one of those writers who can turn a simple tale into a complex story about realism and the meaning of life. She’s also an essayist speaking on issues such as the caste system in India, capitalism –includes the reforms to India’s economy, issues in the Middle East and the West, India’s creation of the middle class and how the poor continue to suffer with and without colonization.  As a  controversial Political Activist, Roy speaks out about corruption in her own government and privilege and as a writer and essayist creates a world with sprinkles of factual events. She’s also one of the few “famous” writers that I know whose books are South Asian focused.  Known for her 1997 novel, The God Of Small Things, a semiautobiographical which blends personal stories and unconventional plotlines.  It’s also her biggest hit, an international best seller—won 1998  Man Booker Prize for Fiction.Image result for arundhati roy

Roy like most unconventional writers (non-traditional writing) are able to evoke feeling through their writing and aren’t afraid to speak or seek the truth. This is what keeps literary fans coming back for more. What I like about Roy and her work is not only that she invites the reader into an unknown world or experience but also, she isn’t afraid to speak out about issues such as the ongoing conflict in Kashmir and hopes of independence (an issue many shy away from) she’s active in environmental and human rights causes, and even speaks about issues facing the Trans community in India, she’s as outspoken in real life as she is on paper and this why her fans and many others gravitate towards. She speaks words that others are afraid to, using her platform to raise awareness on issues in her community, country, and even on the global stage. As a writer, she penned papers on corruption and capitalism, called individuals out and that’s what makes her and the stories she writes so inviting and a little tantalizing.

Some Books To Add To Your Collection:

  • The Algebra of Infinite Justice
  • “In Which Annie Gives It to Those Ones
  •  Capitalism: A Ghost Story
  • The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, (Newest novel, first novel after 20 yrs)

Fun Fact: She had an interview with Whistleblower Edward Snowden with John Cusack

Article on Why Everyone’s Excited About Roy’s New Book! Arundhati Roy Returns to Fiction, in Fury via the New Yorker

Check out Arundhati Roy’s interview with Democracy Now 


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