Illustrations for essay book on Behance:

10054 days I’ve been alive

10054 days I’ve seen and experience happiness and sorrow

Filled with agony and stabbed with lightning, I’ve smiled at every turn

I’ve tasted honey and expanded my reach

Danced, wobbled, and crawled my way through unhinged barriers

Laughed and cried, all at once

Removed burdens which suffocated me

And even embraced worldly flaws

Stripped away self-loathing while adopting self-care

I’ve embraced two lovers: Rejection and Resilence

Fulfilled countless dreams and made un-regrettable mistakes, but still, I smiled

Measuring every aspect of my days with that of honey tea, loved ones, and memories

I hold on to this hope: I will live, using every gift I’ve been given and love with all my might.

Knowing that I’ve left my imprint on the world that gave me happiness, sorrow, peace, and breathe.



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