David Baldacci: Memories and Thrillers–Work To Explore

Author Spotlight

My first introduction to David Baldacci was during jury duty.  7 (includes the sub juror) out of 6 of us were fans of his work and 10 out of 3 were familiar with his work. I was one of the three but not for long. If I could describe Baldacci in one word it would be “versatile” but still remains in one genre–suspense.

Though I’m not acquainted with his work as I’d like to, I’ve heard he is an author who makes you think beyond what’s in front of you, allows to reader to question the world around them.

David Baldacci

Baldacci first book, Absolute Power was published in 1996 and became an international best seller, the next year, Clint Eastwood starred in the movie adaptation.  With a start like that, David Baldacci continues to dish out bestsellers, but still humbles himself, as a writer, he interacts with his audience through his books, online, and in real life, often giving advice and taking in critiques. He’s a series writer, not saying he doesn’t author individual works but the majority of his work seems to be in series–Sean King and Michelle Maxwell Series or Detective Amos Decker series, which is great because it keeps the reader intrigued and coming back for more. Majority of his series has a “real life situation” feel to it, though its fiction setting and plots like accidental deaths, ties with governmental spies, and unsolved mysteries make Baldacci a favorite for many readers, not one to stay inside of his “writing box” Baldacci has also written children’s literature like Freddy and the French Fries series, a series about an off-beat nine-year-old who loves science and adventures. David Baldacci is one of those authors whose writing expand beyond genres and borders (his books have been translated and transcribed in many languages).  Baldacci one of a kind and so are his books, he continues to push himself and seeks to explore diverse storytelling styles nd that what makes in attractive to many readers.

Some Books To Add To Your Collection:

  • The Fix (new), part of the Amos Decker series–for murder mystery lovers
  • No Man’s Land, part of the John Puller series, thriller and unsolved cases
  • Absolute Power, suspense, broken romances, and a hint of espionage
  • Split Second, the first book from the Sean King and Michele Maxwell series, secret service meets more secrets ad teamwork.


Check out his interview with Strand Magazine: David Baldacci on writing thrillers and the Camel Club…





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