Adventures of A Four Year Old Tema Girl


You Are What You Eat (Hers) Edwin Lester AV275  Paper: 22 x 16 Image: 20 x 14   Retail $25.00:

Credit to owner via Pinterest *lost link*


Tema, Ghana ’94

We planned our escape the night before

I would watch out for Juwana and my older sister would sneak out and hide the supplies in my auntie’s yard

Filled with butterflies (our stomachs and the yard), this was the perfect plan, place, moment, and time.

What were we going to do?

*Escape to the other side of the hill!*

We’ve heard stories of gold, treasures, and my personal favorite—plantains, and kabobs

I could smell them now, sizzling and vapor all around

*FOCUS, say’s my inner voice*

Okay, this is the perfect time

run, hide, run, hide, *breathe* and repeat

An eerie shadow appears as we reach the hill

“five cedi’s to cross please”

curse, we have no money

Time for Plan B!

*In case of emergencies, cry and/or trip opponent and run!*

We escape! Make it over the hill and see other’s who look like us but aren’t dress the same

I hear pounding and see a baby with no shoes and as I reach over to touch him,  someone gets a hold of me.

AH, it’s Juwana! She’s captured me and my sister, pulls us close and storms off.

I pout and as I look back over the hill, I realize my plans have been once again spoiled by Juwana, but upside–we stop to get plantains and kabob


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