Just A Few

Writer's Block

Here are a few writing-related resources and etc that I thought you may all enjoy *if not, pass it along*

  1. A Call For Submission
    1. The Awl is looking for Submissions and they aren’t looking for ThinkPieces, Check out their criteria here
    2. Nicole Chung from Catapult Story via Twitter said:
      1. We’re looking for more humor, topical/timely pitches, & essays engaging w/ pop culture for . We pay. nicole.chung@catapult.co
  2. Interested in Infographic Designs?
    1. Check out Venngage, they have a Free version!!
      1. You can make resumes, portfolios, proposals, and etcImage result for venngage
  3.  For individuals interested in Content Marketing!
    1. 5 Important Visual Lessons From Designers for Content Marketers
      1. Visual content is something that you, as a marketer, should work with a designer to create.
      2. Check out these five amazing tips, I’m working on #3 and #4
  4. FINALLY, as someone who has always been anti-poetry(except), I’ve surprised myself and those around me by writing and sometimes reading poetry, so I find it a little funny that Darling magazine added this piece in their E-newsletter: Why and How You Can Benefit from Reading Poetry. CHECK IT OUT! I agree with #4

*One more: My friend works at Debut in the UK and they created an “11 things you can do at university to begin building a strong writing portfolio” list, check it out!

Thank you for checking out this post and have a fantastic rest of the week!


5 thoughts on “Just A Few

  1. Hi Jo! Brenda from Debut here – thank you so much for sharing our piece. We’ve got loads more careers resources over at debut.careers/insight – do let us know if you need any more links and we’d be happy to share!

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