Monthly Poetry Playlist: Confidence, Love, and Comfortablity

Just The Right Book!

Poetry evokes so many emotions: There’s anger, hatred, sorrowfulness, gleefulness, contentment, and more, even with three simple verses, poetry is able to create a simple and/or complex world.  Recently, I’ve been reading and attempting to write poetry. As someone who is, let’s just say, I’m not a fan (unless I’m reciting something by Tupac and Rupi), it’s interesting to research, find, and

The theme for April seems to be Confidence (new beginning and rising against obstacles/limits), Love (self explanatory) and Comfortability (being okay with oneself), so I’ve chosen four poems coupled with music for your viewing pleasure for when you’re feeling down, just need a “pick me up”, and need to embrace yourself.

  1. Coal by Audre Lorde  -being comfortable in ones skin when society is against you, its the same for song (the MV is odd but the lyrics are beautiful)

2. Unbothered: A Haiku

3. I know you’re tired. via Medium (I like this one because it makes you feel as if everything is going to be all right

4. Rupi Kaur on Self

Image result for rupi kaur poems about self love


Comment below on some poems and songs that express confidence, love, and comfortability. 



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