Book Review: The Unbearable Lightness of Being pt 1

Book Review


the_unbearable_lightness_of_beingSynopsis via GoodReads: In The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera tells the story of a young woman in love with a man torn between his love for her and his incorrigible womanizing and one of his mistresses and her humbly faithful lover


First Thing To Note: The Unbearable Lightness of Being is split into seven parts, each on focuses on a certain emotion and past experiences plays a huge part into how each character views the world/their surroundings and each other.

Second Thing To Note: Decided to break this review into three parts, because the story is very intricate and I feel as if each section needs its own review. This review will ONLY focus on part 1& 2 of the book. Also, this will be a short review because I felt as if I could sum up both sections into a sentence (even though both parts are detailed). I’m rating each section on how I felt while individually reading them and my take on that section. I will write the overall rating on the final section.


I said in my Book in Review that if I could summarize what I’ve read it would be: The Fear of Love, Desire For Intimacy. That’s still true, both Tereza and Thomas have issues with commitment and love, dealing with love and relationships differently but they have the same problem. While Tereza suffocates her love, Tomas allows it to hang like an overused rag on a laundry line. They both crave love but they can’t quite express it. In a relationship, one must communicate with said partner but instead, Thomas continues to reassure Tereza of his love for her while cheating on her, feels guilty when he does. Tereza, on the other hand, continues to cling onto him, have scary nightmares of Thomas former and present lovers in a pool trying to massacre each other. Long story short, they break up at the end of part one; actually, Tereza left him and he wonders around enjoying his newfound freedom but still feeling nauseated.  The second part focused on Tereza’s love-hate or is it loathe and fear relationship with her mother, a woman who seems to hate her daughter, got married because she became pregnant, and also has some abandonment and commitment issues (that’s my assumption for now). Tereza’s relationship is like most of us with our parents: as younger’s we revered them but at some point, you begin to “want to separate yourself from their claws.” Both parts show us three things 1. These two people should not be together 2. Tereza has so many unresolved issues that she needs to seek help for and also, throughout these sections I felt as if everyone babied her, treated her like trash, or she was just a beautiful untouched vase (you can look but can’t touch). and 3. Toxic relationships can affect the human psyche.

Final Thought and Rating:

Loved the word placements, imagery and attention to detail was a huge thing-PLUS, PLUS. I loved how I could visualize every step and breath of each character. I also like that we got to see a little more background on Tereza and her family and it makes us understand why she is the way she is, though I wish she could have “spoke up” for herself. Tomas,  even though they introduced his background0-divorcee, commitment issues, has a son, and comes from a well to do family with no (at this point)  abuse or abandonment problems. *his family is still in contact with his ex-wife* I wish Kundera explained why he was the way he is, in part one but I’m also glad he didn’t so we could go through this rollercoaster ride of why humans are the way they are.  In the end, the two parts give us a picture of each character and allow you to invest in both characters without giving too much away so you continue to read on.

Overall: Great read, enjoyed the visuals and I’d recommend thoroughly reading through these two sections *I made a mistake of skipping some pages and had to retrace my steps*

Rate: I’d give this section an 8/10  because I wanted Tereza to speak for Tereza

Check out my initial thoughts on  The Unbearable Lightness of Being in my Book in Review and look forward to pt. 2 (focused-part 3,4,5 of book)


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