The Essentials

Writer's Block

Quote of the Week: Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

Here are some interesting and essential writing tools and other things related to writing that I thought you may all enjoy *if not, pass it along*

  1. Book Fellowship: Need help finishing your book? Want to spend some time in Vegas writing a book?
    The Eliza So Annual Finish-Your-Book Fellowship: The goal of the fellowship is to give a writer time and solitude to help finish a book that is already in progress. Click here for more info and there’s no application fee!!

  2. Writing Resource and Eliminating Vocabulary #Guilty                                          Whether you use/add more words to a sentence or you looking for the perfect word to replace another: 23 Words or Phrases to Eliminate From Your Writing [Infographic] has got you covered. From the unnecessary, redundant, and filler’s this post/guide helps to eliminate some of the stress of writing.

  3. Free Apps for Writing 

    Whether you’re organizing your thoughts, have writer’s block, or you like apps and you feel the need to write, here are 10 Free Apps to get you on your way. *Click Image to be redirected* via The Writing Cooperative

My recommendation: ProWritingAid 🙂

4. Post it, Invitations, Handwritten Notes, and Thank You Letters 

Someone told me they used this tool to send a Thank You note after a job interview and the interviewer really liked it. I personally like thank you notes and writing letters so this is something I’d use. Postable also has cool designs so even if you don’t send notes, it might inspire you to write or design.  

Image result for Postable

5. Added: This is essential because it’s Women’s History Month and I love the author’s list.

34 Books by Women of Color to Read This Year, The Leavers by Lisa Ko is on the list (part of my reading list this year) which makes me happy.

Comment below if  you know of any great writing resources, tools, or fellowships


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