Cool Finds For Writers

Writer's Block

Found some interesting resources and writing “jobs/work” while searching for a theme for my next Storytelling post, check it out! *Click on the links*

  1. Proposal Writing for beginners- The Directory of Social Change created a how to Tips for Beginners of Proposal Writing. Check it out, especially if you’re interested in Fundraising and Grant Writing

If you are either new to your job or have had very little experience with writing proposals it can be hard to know where to begin. Our Proposal Writing for Beginners trainer shared some great tips from her upcoming course

2. 2o40 Books an independent press dedicated to the craft of writing and promotes diversity in publishing and expanding multicultural voices tweeted:

  We’re reading #fiction and #cnf manuscripts from writers of color until July. Winner receives $1,000 and publication! Check out @2040Books’s Tweet:

3. Author Suzanna Lynn’s Audio Book Release is coming up:

We are looking to coordinate a Blog Blitz (March 1-6, 2017) for the official release of Author Suzanna Lynn’s audio book, “Hook’s Little Mermaid”, and would like to invite you to be part of the fun!

Check out the details and find out how to enter.

   4. Amanda Richards from Bustle tweeted:

seeking writers, particularly WOC, who want to write about identity politics & beauty/style. Share this tweet & pitch me!

5.  Check out Danielle Coricone’s The Millenial Freelancer, where she shares advice, interviews freelancers, and more. Click on the image to be redirected

Good news! I found all these amazing things but I’m still searching for a theme 😦

anyways, please look forward to my book review and a recommendation *This Week* and hopefully a new story!



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