Quote of the Week

Elenor Roosevelt once said

“With a new day comes new strengths and new thoughts…….(so) do one thing every day that scares you”

-Send that pitch or proposal that you’ve been wanting to share but are afraid to

– Ask for that well deserved raise

-Seek help(in any/all capacity)

-Go outside and meet new people, talk to your neighbors if you want

-Do something you’ve been wanting to do (as long as it’s not illegal or infringes on another person’s rights).

Both quotes tell you, the individual, to live your life and not to let fear run or ruin it.

Self-care tip

  1. Your Mental Health is Important

  2. Remember to Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

  3. Remember to Breathe

  4. Remember that you are the best and are doing YOUR best


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