New #WritingChallenge!!!


Favorite past time: Joining Challenges with the hope of making it to the end, but knowing I may stop at the beginning or the middle. Either way, I enjoy any and all challenges life throws my way especially writing challenges!!

The Writing Cooperative’s having a 52-week writing challenge (motto: pick a thing, anything and commit to it)  and I decided to join because it’s something new, I want to challenge myself, and it sounds fun.

The only rule is this: you commit to writing a thing (anything!) each week.
You can define what that thing is. Everyone has different things they’re working on, different genres, different format preferences — so pick what appeals to you and challenge yourself to do it 52 times in 2017.


I’m starting this challenge with hopeful eyes, heart, and hands. My topic:  The Characters that inspired me in my youth! Love the challenge because 1. You post once a week 2. on a topic that interest you 3. has no limit/length 4. they’ll share and publish your work  5. They’re a great resource for writers and they’ll help to critique your writing and 6. I just like writing.

I’m thinking about writing essays, haikus, poetry, and comics. I have about five topics and gifs but no ACTUAL writing.

One title sample: I Can’t Stand Ariel From The Little Mermaid, #TeamUrsula

Image result for ursula gif

I’m still searching for new writing challenges and will post new ones. Let me know what writing challenges or about any challenges you plan on tackling this year.

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a Magnificent day!


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