Book In Review: Trespassing

Book Review

Happy First Day of September!

I’m reading a book called Trespassing by  Uzma Khan about a forbidden (generational) romance between a man who father died and a woman whose father may have been murdered. I’m guessing the murder is what makes their romance forbidden but I haven’t gotten that far yet. 

Synopsis via GoodReads:

Back in Karachi for his father’s funeral, Daanish, a young Pakistani changed by his years at an American university, is entranced by Dia, a fiercely independent heiress to a silk factory in the countryside. Their illicit affair will forever rupture two households and three families, destroying a stable present built on the repression of a bloody past.


I’m loving this, the book starts off with Dia( protagonist woman)  kind of playing and joking around with her cook, she seems to be more liberal than most in Pakistan circa 1990 (I mean the older generation) and she seems strong willed. The next part – we’re transported to the States where American-educated Daanish is getting ready to board a plane for his father’s funeral. His family also seems very close and liberal too. You can see the love the mom had and still has for the father and her son (not overbearing). At this stage, both of our main characters haven’t met but as a reader, I can tell how and why they’ll end up falling in love. They both have strong but calm personalities and have grown up with loving families.  Interesting Points: Daanish meets a kid by the name of… on the plane and the kid is super annoying but sweet and very demanding and at some points seems more like an adult than any of the adults. He even took control of Daanish airport pick up situation. Another piece that I love is, we get a glimpse of Daanish life back in the States from working at an awful restaurant (his boss I mean) under the table to his first time having sex. It goes to show you, boys are as lost as girls when it comes to sex (we need to work on our sexual education) I digress. So far the story is very smooth but I feel like something is missing maybe because everything is going too well.

One more thing, I don’t think this is part of the plot or maybe it is but I love that the author incorporated a be who you are Or what you want to be- theme in the book. That’s one of the life lessons Daanish dad taught him.



I leave you with this and I hope your September is better than your August

Image result for be the change you want to see in the world


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