Prequel; Book in Progress: Trespassing

Book Review

Happy First Day of August!

What better way to start the month then to read a new book. Well, it’s technically not new since I bought it my sophomore year of college, but it’s new in that, I’ve never read it before. This time, I’m reading, Uzma Aslam Khan’s, “Trespassing(428 pages)


Back in Karachi for his father’s funeral, Daanish, a young Pakistani changed by his years at an American university, is entranced by Dia, a fiercely independent heiress to a silk factory in the countryside. Their illicit affair will forever rupture two households and three families, destroying a stable present built on the repression of a bloody past. via Amazon

Apparently, it’s a telling story of modern Pakistan and one review said, it sets the standard for a new generation of Pakistani novelist which means, it’s going to incorporate a lot of modern and traditional views i.e taboo subjects that are rarely spoken about in conservative Pakistan. If you watch the new Pakistani Serials (dramas) its code name for, it’s going to be amazing.

So far: From what I’ve gathered( first 2 pages) the main girl Dia seems liberal and someone who wants to step out of her element and explore places and things that are probably against traditional upbringing.

That’s all for now, thank you for visiting my blog and to get you excited for this review I leave you with the OST from Pakistan’s famous Serial, Humsafar (I RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA and the OST is one of my favs). 


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