5 Female Characters That Inspire Me

Introduction, Woman of The Week

What’s the trick to writing a great female character? ⊆Make Her Human⊇  -Nicole Holocenter.

I’ve realized whether, in movies, books, or art in general, more than men, women are usually characterized? As objects of a man’s affection and if they’re not, usually they fade into the background. But it’s starting to change and it’s about time!!!


Here are:

5 Female Character’s that Inspire Me to be Me


  1. Tamila Soroush, from Laura Fitzgerald’s Veil of Roses

  This book was part of my AP English course project book’s from high school and I loved everything about it. Tamila  is a teacher from Iran who moves to the States and really wants to stay so she goes on a “journey” to find a husband.

I guess that would be the main premise but the real story is about a woman trying to find herself in her twenty’s, trying to achieve her dreams whatever that may be, and finding friendships along the way. What made her relatable to me at 17, was the trying to find yourself, finding out what she wants in life and realizing how lucky she is to have loved ones around her. I loved how she was written, Tamila could have been one of my aunties and friends, moving to a new country or escaping from your past, and like me,  she was looking for a place to accept her as her and where she fits in. But at the end ,she decided to be her without caring about anything else.

2. Ahalya and Sita Ghai, from Corban Addison’s A Walk Across the Sun

( I put these two together because these two bonded by the trials, tribulations, and triumphs in life).

 In A Walk Across the Sun, Ahalya and Sita are two sisters who’ve lost their parents in a horrible storm in India and are sold into the Sex Trafficking trade. The story starts with Ahalya and in the middle Sita takes over. These two gave me hope, because in a world where so many horrible things happen and you feel like the world is going to swallow you whole; these two girls had hope that they would reunite and living  a normal life together. No matter what you’re going through you must always have hope, fight for what is right and stay humble, and always have hope. I loved how human these two were, no matter the issue, you could relate to them. These two reminded me of my sister and I, fighting  for and loving one another. And I have to say, when Sita was running away from the Russians, I felt like I was running next to her.

3. May, from Allen Say’s Tea With Milk:

 I’ve been an Allen Say fan since elementary school, and his book Tea With Milk was my favorite! Especially the main character May, she was in high school when her parents decided that they were moving from the States back to Japan. May was not happy that they moved to Japan (who wouldn’t). She also had struggles with trying to fit in, in a culture so unfamiliar to her but was part of her identity. Moving from Ghana to the States was difficult and reading about May and how she struggled through the same thing sans-marriage was amazing. She sort of found her identity while running away from it (if that makes sense.




4.  Lady Macbeth, from Shakespear’s Hamlet:

    If you know me in real life, you’d probably laugh at this one. Why? Because I despise Shakespeare with a passion other than King Lear which is technically not Shakespeare I can’t stand any of his works of art , but Hamlets’ Lady Macbeth was different. She was a perfectionist, trying to keep everything in their place, so she thought. She taught me one important thing, Self-care and mental health is important- you have to take care of yourself. As humans, mostly women, we take on so much and we forget to take care of yourself. Also, in general, she was the first character I read that had an actual mental illness, even though they don’t focus on that, she had one and it tells me that times have not changed. MentaI illness is still a taboo.


5. To Be Continued..…. I decided to leave this blank because even though I have a lot of female Characters I would like to add to this list, I feel like I’m still searching for one more, another who inspires me to be ME. Maybe, I’ll write her myself.


Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed this list. Let me know which female characters inspire you *doesn’t need to be from a book*



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