Just Checking In!


Hello Everyone

I’m just stopping by to apologize for not posting lately i.e Author Spotlights, Writing, and Reviews, but I have a valid reason. I’m going to a wedding and I’ve been busy looking for clothes. It might not seem like a valid reason but it is because our weddings(Ghanaian weddings) are different where you have the  engagement-traditional wedding, modern, and thanksgiving service. It’s a lot of preparation and usually some couples have them a year apart, but not in this case.


The only example I could find

Anyways, the wedding is traditional is in 7 hours and I’m still dress shopping (WISH ME LUCK)

But also, I’m just checking in to say, I promise next week-11’ll post reviews and some amazing short stories. Also, My femslack friend Amy Hunt created a free writing resource and she added free resume templates and invoices  she also said:

if anyone would like me to format their resume in this template in exchange for using it as an example on my site, send me your resume!helloamyhunt@gmail.com


Okay, that is all for now, thank you for visiting and have a Fantastic Friday or Saturday!


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