#3 Sunshine (working title)


So I’m supposed to be posting three stories a week and I’m already slacking, but I did create this story ( Writing in Progress) Please Enjoy this random story /masterpiece/tada


There’s a song, not many people have heard of it, but it’s there. It tells of a girl, just an ordinary girl just like the song no one notices her. The girl in the song looks like a Susan or maybe her name is something ridiculous like Bob. Maybe she got the wrong end of the stick, stuck with parents who could care less to give her a proper name like, Emily or even Aquamarine.

Bob, went through life wanting to be noticed. Heck, a dog would do. So how does this song end? It probably ended the same way it started- with boring tunes and lyrics about a girl who wasn’t loved.

No, as with everything in life, the ending is simply the beginning of an even longer story.

Bob who changed her name to Byul escaped after the unknown singer of this unknown song dropped his tune. Now Byul, unlike Bob, was fearless so fearless that it scared Bob how extraordinary she’d become. Now, living in a world that sees you as invisible, you can basically do anything you want and no one would notice.That includes taking money from the bank or selling your neighbors antiques on Amazon. So, Byul leaped out of that awful song and fell into a dark and narrow hole. She hid from the creatures of the night, ate the bark of an unknown tree, and bought a ticket to Brazil. The Byul in Brazil could be anything and she did for about a month, she joined the carnival, built a cottage, rented it out, went skydiving-she did everything Bob wasn’t able to do BUT she wasn’t happy. Unlike Bob, Byul was vibrant and met new people, dated, laughed, smiled, she cried, and she was herself, but she wasn’t happy. People noticed her and unlike Bob, she could be anything she wanted. When she was Bob she dreamed of living like Byul, but something was missing. No matter how hard she denied it, she missed being herself. She decided that Bob needed to return, but this time, she would create a new story. She kissed and hugged all the locals and jumped on the first flight home, jumped into the hole, ate bark from the unknown tree, and hid from the creatures of the night. She then leaped onto the pages of that awful song. Before living out her life as Bob, she returned all the money to the bank and her neighbor.

Hey, Mister! Let’s rewrite my story, pick up your out of tuned guitar and get to playing.

There was once a girl named Bob, who used to be invisible, but not anymore. She traveled the world, met so many people, and decided to return to her former self. There once was a girl named Bob, who helped build houses, made those around her laugh, and lived her life. She was happy just being herself, deciding to rewrite the ending of her own song.



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