#2 I Like To Lose


  Losing is the Best Gift I Give Myself

I love that phrase “You win some, you lose some”

It makes it seem like I have a choice, welp, I choose to lose

I like to lose, it makes me smile seeing the winner win and loser? Welp, depending if you’re like me, you feel contentment.

It gives me this euphoric feeling, I can hide and be alone, no fear of being hated on just alone, not to wallow but to see how far I’ve come.

Winning means being the center of everything, its added stress that I don’t need so I choose to lose

Losing means: I can be a part of something big and grand, weird right? But when you lose you have this big network of Losers just waiting to embrace you. To hold onto you. Though it might sound sad, I choose to lose.

It’s the best gift I can give myself, the only gift I choose to give myself.

Thank you for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed my spontaneous storytelling. I also hope that whatever you do, you can look back be happy.

Have a great Friday!


2 thoughts on “#2 I Like To Lose

  1. I always feel sad when I lose something, even when it was expected. But when I gain something, I then look back to whatever I lost previously and I am happy that that lost led me to my win today. I don’t know where that phrase comes from, but I would love to switch it for my cases to “You lose some, you win some”
    Happy new week coming up now! 😛

    1. Haha, I like that, you lose some, win some. I always feel like I learn from my struggles and it allows me to appreciate my “winnings” later on.

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