Making A List and Checking It Twice


Happy Monday! I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday and that you were able to accomplish everything or the majority of the things on your to-do list. As you know, I’m on a quest to become a better writer(also, on a job/career searching quest) and while on this journey I’ve been making  quite a few list. Which is why I think I’m more obsessed with writing list than actually accomplishing what’s all my list. Anyways, I posted this statement on my Femsplain slack:

jghansah [11:22 AM] Just realized I enjoy writing list/goals and organizing them, more than I like doing the things on my list haha. That would be a cool job! Writing and organizing lists
katieb [11:25 AM] @jghansah can we start a list-writing business together?
then we can make lists of all the lists
jghansah [11:33 AM] YES!! That would be amazing @katieb

After that, one of my Chat friends decided that we should just make a to-do list writing business and with the help of a few of our friends we compiled a list of LIST PLATFORMS which are each and accessible and I thought I should share some of them with you. FYI we even started a Femsplain channel called list and started a Tumblr.

Here are a few of them:

These are the ones we like the most

Asana Great tracking tool ****

Hackpad You can create, organize, collaborate,share data, and add comments ****.5

ToDoist Image having a manager right at your fingertips ****.5

Evernote Like the Hackpad, you can collaborate, organize, write to-do list. This is also a great chatting/meeting tool. *****

Wunderlist listing, reminders- like a manager and assistant all in one

We all decided Dropbox is the best! Because who isn’t using Dropbox?!

Also found a writing list app, it’s not a traditional list and more like a fun writing and social media platform. Storytelling the List Edition

Ones We Tolerate

Google Drive (some say, it’s because of the lack of column features and at times it freezes but amazing tool for list)

Trello(Great project management tool but the labeling may be excessive.)

Post-Its amazing tool on and off the computer but not enough space.

Google KeepList maker but you have to enter everything in manually 

I’ll stop here for now because we have a long list of list, so I’ll try and compile some more and send it over to Tumblr. I’ll also start linking each platform to their site so you don’t have to search. Let me know if there are any Listing platforms you love or absolutely hate and ….Do you still use notebooks or are you strictly an electronic note taker?


Thank you and HAPPY MONDAY!


2 thoughts on “Making A List and Checking It Twice

  1. This list is really cool! Some I use, some I never even heard of. I am also the kind of person who writes a bunch of goals/lists and never accomplishing them.. Good luck with this project!! 😀

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