Writing Resource!!!

Writer's Block

I decided to take a short break from reading (hahaha, but really) only because I want to catch up on some writing and instead have spent most of my time reading about how to find my voice and become a better writer. On my quest, I’ve seen some great and not so great resources but  I have to say, I like what I’m reading and I’m learning new things that’s all that matters.  

Anyways, I found a great resource for poetry writing and I thought I should share it with all of you. It’s called, 4 lessons from 4 years of writing 30 poems in 30, I met via online chat with the author of the post and she’s really nice and helpful and as someone who wants to get back into writing and also, start reading and writing poetry; I found this post to be helpful. Taking you through a step by step process of writing poems, from pro-tips to scheduling a writing time and even, explaining how to best interact with the audience/reader. I really enjoyed reading the post and I think I might challenge myself into writing some poetry.

Check out the link below:


If I find any more amazing resources I’ll let you know!

Happy Wednesday!




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