10 Questions For My First Love


Happy Storytelling Thursday Everyone!

The theme for this first storytelling Thursday is Love. Questions about love, random questions you’d ask your first love (past, present, or future). This is dedicated to three of my friends who met their first loves in elementary, high, and graduate school and then married them.

10 Questions For My First Love

  1. Do you like Cheetos in or on your sandwich? Because I like them either way.
  2.  If you had to choose between hanging out with your friends or me, who would it be? Please say me!
  3. Did you know you’re my first kiss? Am I yours?
  4. Did you study for the test or secretly write notes in your notebook?
  5. Why don’t you call me as often?
  6. Do you really love me or did you say it to be cool?
  7. Do I really love you?
  8. Should we be getting married?
  9. Do you really like me enough to be with me forever?
  10. When I say I Do will you say it too?

*Bonus* When we grow old will you make me sandwiches with Cheetos in or on them?

That is all, thanks for reading this random list. As someone who’s not into the love question I’m always fascinated by first love stories, so please let me know what questions you’d write or ask your first love?



7 thoughts on “10 Questions For My First Love

  1. This is such a sweet read! :3 I fear I never really had a first love, which is kind of surprising considering the huge amount of romance novels, movies and dramas I consume … This is so cute and I feel sad that I am now probably too old to ask myself these questions when I will start dating. ^^

    1. Thank you😊 love has no age limit. One of my friends found her first love at 30 and they’ve been married for 4 years. You’re never too old 💕

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