Author Spotlight: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Author Spotlight

The first Author Spotlight of the month goes to Ruth Wilson Gilmore, she’s an Author, Activist, Professor, and the Co-founder of many social justice movements.

I chose her as the first author spotlight for one reason and one reason only. She is a fighter and seeing that May is the season of fighting for justice and all things great, I think it’s only befitting to write about an author who has made it her life mission to fight against the prison industrial system, racism, and women’s rights.

Back in 2012, I had the opportunity to sit in on an “impromptu” Ruth Wilson Gilmore lecture at ASU. I was amazed by her passion when she talked about the state of racism and what we as a society must do to not only change society but change ourselves. My favorite part has to be when she spoke about the African Revolutionary Domino Effect (that’s my name for it) and how Ghana started this independent movement and how it created a domino effect in other African Nations and one by one, they revolted and fought for their freedom.

I love when people or persons decide to rise up and fight against the norms. What I learned and loved about the domino effect message wasn’t that everyone just decided it was time to become independent. It’s the feeling of breaking free, coming together with people of different views and nationalities and fighting for freedom. It might sound idealistic but that is what I love about the social justice movement and that is what I appreciate about Ruth Wilson Gilmore, she shows and shares the good, the bad, and the ugly, but she also shares small pockets hope.

 This is why Ruth Wilson Gilmore is our first Author Spotlight.

Some recommended Books

  1. Golden Gulag (my fav)
  2. Racial Capitalism
  3. In the Shadow of the Shadow State



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