Should I stay or should I go?


Happy Storytelling Thursday! I’ve decided to let go of all my sad feelings and write I kind of goodbye post to how I felt a couple of years ago. After this, I’ve only decided to write about adventures and the randomness of life. 

I feel like escaping again…..

I don’t like to face my fears, I just run from them, I get on a plane and leave. No goodbye or see you later, but sometimes I emerge after two or three months, like a butterfly after the change. And then it happens again, that fear creeps up, the feeling of unwantedness and suffocation. Like my heart is about to rip from my chest. So, I once again get on a plane, to a far place and I restart my life again. But this, time I decided to return, return to stay? Maybe, but just for a little while-then again that fear nudges me, that unwantedness and I’m suffocating again, wanting to leave, but I can’t. Why? Because I’ve become tired of running, my feet have blisters and I’m slowly losing my vision. Running has become a chore, a chore that I refuse to do. So what should I do? Do I stay and feel unwanted or do I go to a place where I feel lost and alone?


Thank you for visiting and I hope that you let go of all your sad feelings and start anew. Let’s not bottle up things anymore.

Happy Storytelling Thursday


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