Happy National Poetry Month-Poem Review

Book Review

So, Hit Record- An interactive storytelling site I love to visit is doing a 30-day Poem Challenge because it’s National Poetry Month! Anyways, I decide that in celebration of NPM, I wrote a review one of their poems. I chose,  A Scare Along My Leg, a Ghost in Your Eye here is an excerpt and the link:

in the beginning you loved

my wildness in your palm

silver rings hot and cold

my history found under

your lips


It’s very simple, but that’s what scare me about the poem. I can’t tell if the author is describing a former lover who thought they could consume her, but in reality got played  or if it’s about letting go of your former self, or some past demon that thought could hold you back. This poem is so short, but very detailed. I loved how the author expresses her feelings or her partners by using metaphors or other play on words. For example, when she describes the past hurt she felt, she uses words like pastel scars (fading colors) are not signs of destruction (pain and suffering). I felt as if I was on this past journey with her and at the end when she proclaims victory. I could picture standing over her tormentor.

I’ve owned you

from the moment

you wouldn’t look away

too eager to believe

you could tame me

I give this poem a 4.5/5 I loved the imagery and word usage, but I felt like something was missing. Please check it out and let me know what you thought of it. Also, check out HitRecord 🙂

Thank you for visiting and Happy Monday!



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