What I Love About Storytelling


Letting go….

Writing and Oral Storytelling allows you to let go of all your pretenses and emerge into this fantasy world.  Storytelling- I am able to express myself in ways I never imagined and that is why no matter what, I’m drawn to writing, to editing videos, to dancing. I’m able to tell a story (simple or complex) in many forms. It’s because I love the words and the movements I make. I enjoy every aspect of storytelling-to the extinct that I become exhausted, but I still push forward because I have that passion.

Someone once told me, if I want to be a great writer or storyteller, I must be willing to give my whole being to the craft. I laughed the first time he said that, but he his right, giving your whole allows you to connect with your audience.

So why do I love storytelling?

Because I’m able to: Let go of everything and make something beautiful, connect with others, and most of all, be my true an authentic self.


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