A Toast!


Hello today is the last Thursday and last day of March! It’s also the last Storytelling Thursday of March, today’s short-short story focuses on a friendship between two women who’ve known each other and have faced many obstacles that friends experience. Enjoy!

A Toast

What can I say about Juno?

We’ve known each other for years, 24 to be exact.

Been attached the hip since 1st grade.So close we sometimes fell for the same guy-well..one or twice in Junior high. So close, some might say even closer than sisters. How close?

She has half of my liver on account of her body wanting a piece of me. And when I found out at 18 I’d never be able to have a child. She reserved a room in the womb for me:

Bobbi, my womb like everything else belongs to you.

So… On this wonderful occasion, I give a toast to you Juno. May you live a happy and healthy life as Mrs. Brian-Wu.

But remember, I came first.


I hope you enjoyed this edition of Storytelling Thursday! Let me know if there are any story ideas or themes you would like me to write about. Thank you and have a great Thursday!



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