Author Spotlight-Ernest Hemingway

Author Spotlight

brand_fyi_bsfc_116472_sfm_000_2997_15_20140905_001_hd_768x432-16x9Ernest Hemmingway is our Author Spotlight for this week and also, the first male Author Spotlight. Hemingway is known for books like, Farewell to Arms (American Lit anyone?)  and The Old Man and the Sea.

What I like about Hemingway is that he wrote about life’s adventures and journeys and his writing always seemed to leap out of the pages. He wrote about what he wanted and shared his opinions on multiple subjects. What I liked most about him wasn’t actually his writings don’t get me wrong, he was a great writer, but unlike other writers who seem so far and mystical; Hemingway felt like a friend. I felt a closeness to him and his characters. The aging fisherman fighting a marlin in the Old Man and the Sea reminds me of the struggles my friend and I- having someone who understands what I’m facing makes it worthwhile.

Hemingway-like many of the authors during his time had a hint of sadness and loneliness, he dreamt of exploring or seeking out the great unknown and everything about his writings was a metaphor for life. I may not have known him personally, but reading his books and hearing his quotes, I can tell he was an interesting person to be around. Someone who felt every human emotion and used writing as a gateway to the unknown. Ernest Hemingway in so many words was a- Author, Storyteller, Rebel, and a Friend to the Lonely.

This is why Ernest Hemingway is our last Author Spotlight of the month.


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