A (Forgotten) Haiku


Happy Storyteller Thursday! While cleaning up some of my old files I found a Haiku I wrote (years ago) and I decided to share it today. Hope you enjoy:

Blue Marker Haiku

I can see myself at four, a little girl between the dining table and the kitchen.  I’m trying hard to curve my J’s and Y’s.  With a blue marker in hand, I struggle to spell my name and other English words. Trying to rewrite the letters of my name J, O, Y, C, E, L, Y, N, and once again, fixing the J’s and Y’s finally making them as perfect as can be. Looking at the blue marks and scratches, I smile at my success.  I think that day got me to actually enjoy writing still working on my J’s and Y’s.




Thank you for stoping by and you have any book or short story suggestions, please leave them in the comment section.

-Happy Thursday


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