Birth Control (ed)


*foot steps and heavy breathing in the middle of the night*

*trees and leaves swaying through the windy night*

Mom, where are we going?

Shh… Just keep running or they’ll catch us

*a little girl tugs on her mothers torn shirt*

Why are we running mommy?

6 months earlier.

A woman tells her husband she’s pregnant for the third time, it’s a girl and the husband is not too pleased. Instead of congratulating his wife, he forces her to have an abortion. When she refuses, he locks her and her two daughters in the basement-rarely does he remember to feed them. While plotting his next move, his wife plans her escape. Two nights before their escape, the woman sneaks out through the floor and makes it to the other side of the woods where she meets three women. These women are part of a modern day underground railroad. Modern? Yes, it’s the year 2114 and to the dismay of men, women have begun to “overpopulate” the world.

Their only option Birth Control.

Two days later

Hurry, daddy’s…..

*jolt  and push*

It’s ok, you’re safe.


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