Author Spotlight: Sister Soujah

Author Spotlight

huff-sistersouljahSister Soujah is a best-selling author, activist, recording artist, producer, and one of the most powerful figures in the Black Community.

In 2001, she was also the most talked about the author in my Middle School. I remember my sister and her friends would crowd around talking about the amazingness that is Sister Soujah. She’s written countless books like, No Disrespect a memoir that chronicles her life and demonstrates the African American Woman’s strong perseverance spirit.

My sister says’s, Sista Soujah made it cool to be a Queen, Black Woman, and Storyteller. I’ve personally never read her books because the¬†majority of the books I’ve been introduced to are set outside the States, but I love watching her speak her mind on political topics, social justice, oppression, and race-subjects many people shy away from.

Sister Soujah is my first Author Spotlight candidate because she is unapologetically honest and paved the way for African American authors and readers.

Amazon Sister Soujah Page:



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