Book in Progress: Boy, Snow, Bird

Book Review

Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi

This book has consumed me and I’m not ashamed!

Boy, Snow, Bird is about Boy, a woman who escapes her abusive father (in the 1950s) and ends up in the sleepy, but Specialist filled town of Flax Hill. She ends up meeting and later marrying Arturo, a widower with an adorable daughter named Snow. After the wedding, all these secrets come out like, Arturo is African American, but passing as Caucasian-we find out because Boy gives birth to a child named Bird and SURPRISE! (I haven’t gotten to that part so I’m just going to leave that for my review).  Also, we meet characters like, Ms. Fletcher, the owner of a bookstore that boy works in, Webster, her wedding obsessed roommate, and Mia her reporter friend.


I should have copied the synopsis from Amazon or Good Reads, but I believe you deserve better than that. I started reading two days ago and I am hooked-the progression from the time Boy’s in High School to her escape from the rat catcher (her father), the push and pull relationship between Arturo and Boy. I love each transitional period. I keep reminding myself that this book is set in the 1950’s so the language used… But all in all, the book is amazing and I can’t wait to share my thoughts. Also, the names Boy, Snow, and Bird are so significant of the time and our views of women and identity-Ms. Oyeyemi did a fantastic job.


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