Political Greed-Conclusion


Previously on Political Greed:

Three U.S Marshalls were tailing some high profile governmental officials in the fight to end corruption in D.C. After careful consideration, all the Marshall thought it would be a great idea to “bug” the property of Representative McGee, a man with a great reputation and dirty hands. Let’s see what happens next.

While the Marshalls were wire tapping  they felt an ominous and eerie feeling as if someone was watching their every move.  Mrs. McGee had been watching them hem whole time, with a margarita in one hand and a camera in the other.

Mrs. McGee- You know….I don’t think you three are cut out for this type of work.


Mrs. McGee- So, you want to tap my house to get information about to put him away or something and you need blah blah evidence. Right? Why didn’t you just ask me?

Marshall 2- Ma’am, if you help us we could

Mrs. McGee- Sir, I’m a lawyer whose planning to divorce my husband.  Take whatever you need and leave.

Marshall 1: Okay, but after that, can you stand as a witness to your husband’s crimes? Your country needs


Mrs. McGee-That’s nice dear, I can’t make any promises, but what I can do is tell you that Bobbi Berry and Hitchcock have meetings every Wednesday at 4pm at the Super 8 Motel behind the Ice Cream Shop you took pictures last week.

Commercial Break-Announcer- How does Mrs. McGee know about about the Marshalls and the Ice Cream Shop? Anyways, now a message from our sponsor Colgate, when you need your teeth whitened use Colgate. Now back to the show.

The Marshalls are now staking out Bobbi Berry’s house and office while, trying to find some evidence to indict her.

7:30 am Monday morning

The Marshalls are listening to a conversation via Bobbi’s telephone.

Bobbi- Hey, I can’t stay on the phone too long, got a tip that someone is trailing us and we have to leave soon ok.

Male- Forget about that, we are fine.

Bobbi-What do you mean?

Male- You know I blackmailed Cream and my partner has got us covered.

Marshalls look at each other; WHOSE THE PARTNER?!

Male- VP Mani-Low, you know, how good he is getting what he wants

Bobbi- Of course I do, I hope you know what you’re doing because I can’t pull another Enron.

      -Both Laugh-

Bobbi-Or we can just make someone disappear with it.


Bobbi- McGee!

Male- What?

Bobbi-Hang up!

-Conversation ends 7:45 am-

Bobbi text to  Mani-Low

I think Keith Cream and McGee actually think we’re on their side.

Mani-Low- Bobbi we can’t text or call we need to meet somewhere private to talk.

Commercial: Radio Announcer- Before our conclusion, I would like to say thank you to our viewers for listening and keeping us on the air and also, we are sponsored by the lovely Gatorade-It keeps you strong, aware, and it’s the drink of champions. Now back to the conclusion of Political Greed.

In the next six months, the Marshalls acquired enough evidence (with the help of Mrs. McGee) to indict, Bobbi, Mani-Low, McGee, and Senator Cream. Today, the last witness testimony  was revealed-Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Cream, and a new player, Rep. Sonja Cruz presented what they knew about these criminals’ misdeeds.

Prosecutor- Mrs. McGee, why are you helping to convict your husband and his friends?

Mrs. McGee-It was the right thing to do, you can’t go around stealing from the American public.


Judge-I’ll allow it

Prosecutor-No further question

Defense-Is it true Mrs. McGee that you’re divorcing your husband and you’re trying to get back at him?

Judge-Stop badgering the witness

      -Right then, Representative Sonja from Vermont barges in-

Rep. Sonja Cruz- I have evidence that can put these riff raffs away.

              Plays a recorder of  Bobbi and McGee conversing about they were going to blackmail and  dispose of their competitors’ “products”.

Judge- Sir, how did you this?

Rep. Sonja Cruz- I was the first “competitor”  they tried to blackmail and that was 10 years ago They succeeded with the other members and poor Mr. Cream is an innocent bystander.

Marshall 3-Innocent?

Rep. Sonja Cruz- They are a disgrace to the American Political System!


Narrator: All in all, some things worked out: Senator Cream was acquitted, but was given three years of community service and his life as a politician was gone. Mrs. McGee divorced her husband, opened a Detective firm and advocates for stricter laws against white collar criminals with Rep. Sonja Cruz. Bad news, CEO Bobbi Berry was sentenced to 6 years for insider trading, embezzlement conspiracy, and fraud, but spent  six months for good behavior. VP Barry Mani-Low spent  four months for conspiracy and embezzlement. McGee, who was the worst, spent a day in jail because of all his connections in the White House.

Sometimes justice fails when it comes to politics.

Radio Announcer-Thank you for joining us for another edition of Political Greed. Until next time, I’m Bob your announcer with Robert Rights your narrator.

*Hope you enjoyed! *


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