Political Greed (Satire)


Political Greed

Radio Announcer: Tonight on Political Greed, three U.S. Marshalls go after some big name players in the government. Will they catch them red handed? Let’s watch and see.

             Narrator:  The United States has been plagued with corruption, deceit, and greed. The people who investigate these political nuances are U.S Marshalls.

Behind an Ice Cream Shop, Washington,  3:30 pm (Friday)

(1943 music playing)

Marshall 1- We’ve been watching these guys for three years and have gotten nothing, but false leads.

Marshall 3- Hey, wait! I think I hear something; yes, he’s bribing a Senator for his seat….Oh no, he took the money! How can they be so greedy?

Turn the speakers louder, we need more evidence to INDITE THEM.


Representative Hitchcock McGee- So, Keith, how can I make it possible for me to get your seat? Will this “cookie (brown bag with money sticking out) help? Or maybe, I can get Mrs. Cream what she  wants; you know, the meeting with Bobbi.

Senator Keith Cream- I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that. Ok, I’m done! Yes, give me some of the “cookie” and the meeting with Bobbi and you’ve got a deal.

Commercial: Radio Announcer-Well folks, what do you think the Marshalls are going to do this time? And as always, Political Greed is brought to you by Papa Johns, ” Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns. Now back to our show. 

The Marshalls go back to their office to put together the evidence and now believe that Senator Cream and his wife should be Court Marshalled. I wonder who Bobbi is?

Marshall Office, Cambridge, Maryland 5:30pm (Friday)

Marshall 2- How many Bobbi’s are there and is he or… wait! It has to be Mrs. Bobbi Berryright? The one no one could catch during the Enron scandal. By the time anyone caught up to her, she already established a Dietary company.

Marshall 3- What the heck, do you think the Corps. and Houses are working together? Now we have another person to investigate, oh, this is going to be a long night. (sighs)


Mrs. McGee has been spending a lot of time and money in Switzerland. Look, the database is covered with her extracurricular activities. We need to wiretap her phone and get to the bottom of this.

Door  bell rings *8 am, Saturday*

Mrs. McGee-Yes, may I help you?

 Repairmen (Marshalls)- Yes, we are here for your annual check of the electricity in your house, may we enter?

Marshall 1- You take this part and you take that part.

Suspenseful scene closing music

Radio Announcer: Gosh, whose up at 8am on a Saturday? Oh, me and everyone in the real world.  Anyways, I want to congratulate Senators’ Obama and Clinton, for their place in this historic race. Congratulations you two and congrats America, it’s the first time we’ll have two possible candidates without gray hair! Okay, just kidding, my producer made me say that; tune in to next week for the next  installment of Political Greed. Hopefully the Marshalls can get it together and catch these political nuances. Till next time!

Jo’s note: I wrote this part in 2008 so it’s a little outdated. Wanted to share it because of its an election year, elections this year are a little interesting,  and because I used to write political satire for fun.  Hope you enjoy!


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