Book in Progress

Book Review

So….. I’ve decided to expand my reading palette and read books that are not social justice, oppression, or sex¬†trafficking based and I don’t know if it’s going well.

The book I’m reading now- will review later is, Shanghai Baby by Wei Hui which is a semi-memoir and is about a writer named CoCo, who lives in Shanghai with her childlike boyfriend. Oh, she’s having an affair with a German businessman and she meets some interesting people on the way. The book has 31 chapters and I’m only on Chapter 17. So far, it’s starting to lag and I’m more interested in the back story of her friend Madonna-an eccentric woman who literally has been through hell and back. I like the main character, but I’m starting to lean towards everyone, but her. Hopefully by the end of the book I come to understand her a little more.

Happy Tuesday!


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